In the chilhood, I had blog only once and never thought, I’ll create any blog again. 😊 About week ago at work, I had to find solution for problem with angular, which I solved half year ago. Digging these same pages led me to fix it.

After that, I wrote message to my friend TehGM about it to let my flustration out. He sugested me to create blog and document how I solve problems.

Ok. So, let’s start.

  • ✅ Choose and download framework for blog - Hugo
  • ✅ Find and get theme - hello-friend-ng
  • ✅ Set basic configuration and make some theme customizations
  • ✅ Write something about me and why I created this blog (yeah - the one, you reading right now 😄 )

But then I thought… This blog could be great oppurtunity to “be in touch” with english - why I write this? Becouse of two reasons:

  1. To warn you against grammar mistakes 😉
  2. I’ll write here not only about my “technical problems”, but my thoughts and about my hobbies too.

I hope, you find here something interesting or helpful. Enjoy! 🎉