2020 is really weird.

SARS-CoV-2 🦠 caused, we had to sitting at our homes, with only virtual entertainment. After few months, goverments allows for some events, but with strictly rules 😷.

Thats why, Woodstock festival in Poland (nowadays known as Pol’and’Rock) took place in internet this year. Only small group of lucky guys, won a tickets (Woodstock was never ticketed), rest of us, had to watch festival in the Internet. For these three days my home turns into “festival stage”. Ofcorurse, Woodstock is not only a music❗ It’s meeting with friendly people, meetings as a part of ASP (in strict translation form Polish, it’s: Academy of Finest Arts(?) ) and much more. All of that, create wonderful atmosphere - this is what I really missed for 😭.

So… Why it was worth to watch this transmission 🛰? Because virtual ASP and artists gave to us a litte bit of this atmosphere. To feel it more, I decided to not pause or backward stream. 😉

In technical breaks between concerts, among others there was shown archived concert, so you could recall your previous festivals or just watch, which bands play then. After second day, I realized, online festival has few advantages:

  • ✅ You can watch every concert on festival.
  • ✅ You will watch band even if on real festival, you won’t decide on it.
  • ✅ Every artist had only 30 minutes, so in general, they show best songs
  • ✅ You can discover that:
    • song which you know is perdormed by band you know too, but you never connected these facts
    • band you know, have more cool songs, then you realized.

And now… Few songs 🎵, which qualify for me to last point of bellow points (i mean point: “you can discover that” 😉):